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  • Matt Simmons

Frugal Brewing: How Ditching Your Daily Coffee Fix Can Boost Your Retirement

Our retirement years can encompass a third or more of our years. We certainly don’t want to spend those important years in need. That’s why it’s crucial that we all save and plan for that season of life. 

Author holding his book Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest

If you’re struggling to put money away for your future, here’s a savings tip for you from over 60 savings exercises you'll find in ‘Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest’  that won’t affect your take home pay or require you to do anything that’s difficult!

Here is a perfect example: 


Do you like to drive through or stop for coffee on your way to work each morning? I know I use to be guilty of this, but what if you became your own barista and brewed your coffee at home? Can you guess how much money that could allow you to save each month?  There’s a good chance you could pack away $100 or more per month by making just that small change!

Now, let's say you’re about 25 today, any idea what that $100 monthly savings deposit into an investment retirement account could become in, let’s say 40 years when you’re ready to retire? That amount could multiply into NEARLY A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS waiting for you just for making that one small change!


In Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest, you will find dozens and dozens of ideas like this that you can pick and choose from!

You can buy your copy of ‘Find your Hidden Treasure Chest’ on Amazon + Amazon Kindle, at your local bookstore, or right here at, so you can get started on that wealthier, brighter future that you dream of!

-Matt Simmons



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