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Unveiling the Magic Behind The System: Discover the Storyteller Behind the Scenes

A little bit about Matt Simmons


Matt Simmons makes his literary debut with ‘Your Hidden Treasure Chest,’ a self-help work offering uncomplicated, sustainable financial wealth building that doesn't hurt!  

Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of the State of New York while serving in the United States Navy.  He spent almost 7 years serving our nation both overseas and here in the United States in the aviation administration field, focusing on correspondence, quality assurance, and analysis.  Matt also spent 30 years in the surgical device field as both a Sales Rep and Sales Manager and has owned and sold his own successful small business.  

Matt currently lives in south Florida with his wife Carol and enjoys firing and re-hiring himself while running two newer small companies, and also enjoys spending time boating, fishing, golfing, and traveling, along with his love of writing. Matt and Carol have 3 successful adult children living in the southeast United States.

Your Savings, My Practices: Building Wealth with Comprehensive Strategy, Manageability, and Impactful Transformation

Words That Resonate, Results That Add Up. Follow the Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest System to Build Yourself a Financially Secure Future.

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