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Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest

Helping you save, invest and multiply your money, creating real wealth for your future

By Matt Simmons


Hello there! I'm Matt Simmons

Welcome to Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest, an easy-to-follow map to wealth with an approach from a simpler angle.  We find sustainable savings in the money you already spend so you can finally begin building your retirement and future!  You won’t feel the typical pain associated when you start to save because your take home pay will not be affected! 

We’re going to go beyond saving.   Why?  Because saving doesn't create wealth.  Investing is the key to most of the wealth in America.  In Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest, we’ll be safely packing that newly saved money away each month in your new investment account and you can watch your savings multiply and bloom into the brighter and more secure future you know you and your family need.

Matt Simmons Literary Debut

What’s different about this system? Your take-home

pay is not affected, and you’re not faced with working

more or giving up things you love. 


You see, in Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest you’ll create savings that are hidden in money you already spend!

We don’t stop there, because simply saving doesn’t

create wealth. With this system you’ll invest and

multiply your savings, creating real wealth for your


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Find Your Hidden Treasure Chest

"There is a notion that wealth is a treat reserved for ‘the rich.’  We will prove together that idea is not true, that it’s quite the opposite.  Anyone can improve their financial picture!"

Bonnie M.

"This book will give you insights and confidence to start the journey. Don't delay. Spend some very valuable time putting your plan in place and a great place to start is with this book."

Paul B.

"Retirement is something you need to prep for - and you have to be ready to prep for it correctly. This book gives you all the advice you need in order to create, and execute, a successful retirement plan!"

Eric M.

 "Easy to read and comprehend the simple truths of investing I wish I had heard and learned when I was young. I’d recommend it as MUST read for anyone just starting their path to wealth!"


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